Colonel Panic's Killing Floor Servers

Welcome to Colonel's Killing Floor servers at
You can join the Killing Floor Crew steam community for events, news and announcements

The Whitelist servers run only whitelist maps and mutators
The Special Projects server will have many non-whitelisted maps and blacklisted mutators in favor of special features and higher challenges.

Please contact the Colonel at if you experience any difficulties such as a server crashed or not responding, broken/un-perkable maps, or if you have any special configuration requests.

KF Servers
To Access the servers, you may look in the server list, or you may connect manually. To manually input a server address, right-click in the server list and select "Open IP"

Server 1: Colonel's Normal/Long Whitelist
Normal, 10-wave, whitelist, FF On, Extra Bodies:

Server 2: Colonel's Hard/Long Whitelist
Hard, 10-Wave, Whitelist, FF On:

Server 3: Colonel's Suicidal/Long Whitelist
Suicidal, 10-Wave, Whitelist, FF On:

Server 4: Colonel's Special Projects
Special events and mutators, otherwise 24-player, NON-WHITELIST except during certain events:

THE RULES: There's only one rule for my servers: DON'T BE A DICK. If you're unclear as to what constitutes being a dick, please consult the following generalized guidelines:
  • No intentional teamkilling--you will be banned without warning.
  • If you are going rambo and are asked to stop either by an admin or a teammate, continuing to do so may result in a kick. Repeated offenses will result in a ban.
  • Repeating any behavior that resulted in a vote-kick will result in a ban
  • Any intentionally disruptive behavior will result in a kick, and with repeated offenses, a ban.
  • Listen to your teammates, play as a team, and be courteous to other players, and you won't ever have any problems. Got it? Good.

NEW! Desktop Gadgets: For Windows Vista and 7 users, you can track server status and people online using these niftly desktop gadgets:
Normal Server Gadget | Hard Server Gadget | Suicidal Server Gadget | Special Server Gadget

Strategy Guide and Tutorial

For the text version of my strategy guide, see here: Unofficial Killing Floor Strategy Guide (cliff notes) (wordpad/RTF format)

Below are my video tutorials divided up by subject:

Tutorial 1: Basic Controls and Combat Tactics

Tutorial 2: Specimens ( part 1 | part 2 | part 3 | part 4 )

Tutorial 3: Overview of Perks and Weapons

Tutorial 4: Sharpshooter Perk ( Tactics: part 1, part 2, part 3 leveling coming soon)

Tutorial 5: Support Specialist Perk (coming soon!)

Tutorial 6: Commando Perk (coming soon!)

Tutorial 7: Demolitions Perk (coming soon!)

Tutorial 8: Berserker Perk (coming soon!)

Tutorial 9: Firebug Perk (coming soon!)

Tutorial 10: Field Medic Perk (coming soon!)

Map Downloads

Colonel Panic's Killing Floor Maps are designed to offer a variety of game experiences in as action-dense a format as possible. The following release maps are now available:

Scrith - Fight zombies in Space, on a small factory satellite: Zombies? in MY universal constructor? It's more likely than you think.

Colosseum - Battle zeds in a massive open arena below the alien sky, or in the dark, claustrophobic tunnels below the desert sands.

Please visit the Tripwire Interactive forums to find the latest beta maps if you are not interested in these release versions.